Vocation Resources

These materials are provided to assist you in your efforts in the Ministry of Vocations.

 Vocation Posters – PDF

Five different vocation posters.  Each 11×17″ poster can be printed on any printer capable of handling 11×17 paper.

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3

Poster 4

Poster 5


Vocation Lesson Plan – PDF

These materials provide a model for a program which provides a broad view of vocations and its expression in the lives of individuals. This program is composed of a unit with lesson plans for four days and is suggested for use primarily for students in their final two years of high school.

Vocation Prayer Services – PDFs

Three different vocation prayer services; two are recommended for high school students, one for adults/college students.

High School



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – PDF

To help those presenting the vocation event, a list of vocation FAQs.


Some Vocation Questions and Answers – PDF

Some questions that often arise with answers to assist you.


Student Interview Worksheets – PDF

As part of the lesson plan, three interview worksheets are included for use by the student interviews.


Vocation Questionnaire – PDF

The questionnaire is intended to help stir students to think of their futures as adult Christians.


Come & See – PDF

“Come & See” can help to follow up on your vocation efforts by offering those interested a chance to visit with the Brothers. “Come & See” gives step-by-step plans of what to do to have students and other interested individuals visit with the Brothers for an evening.
For schools/ministry sites with no Brothers present, contact the Province Vocation Promoter to arrange to have a Brother or Brothers attend your “Come & See” event.


How do I figure out what God has planned for me ? – PDF

Figuring out what God plans for us is a life-long faith journey. The purpose of this program is to provide with one structured way to listen for God.


Stations of the Cross for Vocations – PDF

Join in praying the Stations of the Cross (prayerfully meditating on the mystery of Christ’s Passion) with a vocational theme for discerning the call to be an Edmund Rice Christian Brother.

Resources about Blessed Edmund Rice

Blessed Edmund Rice: A Brief Timeline of His Life and Legacy – PDF


The Life of Blessed Edmund Rice – PDF

A brief look at the life and times of Blessed Edmund Rice the founder of the Congregation of Christian Brothers.


Becoming Blessed Edmund Rice – PDF

A brief overview of the events and process of the Founder of the Brothers becoming Blessed Edmund Rice.


Some Books on Blessed Edmund Rice – PDF


 Initial Formation

Initial Formation Overview – PDF

An introduction to the process of becoming a Christian Brother.




Permission is hereby granted to reproduce these items for the purpose of seeking vocations as brothers, sisters or priests. It is requested that the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America be given appropriate acknowledgement for such use. Any and all other use requires the expressed written approval of the Christian Brothers.

Many of these files are in PDF format and will require the Acrobat Reader for viewing. If you need the PDF Reader click here to download.