Edmund Rice Network


The Edmund Rice Global Network is a loose network of organisations, groups and individuals across the world seeking to continue the spirit of Edmund Rice.


The Edmund Rice Christian Brothers (officially the Congregation of Christian Brothers) is world-wide. Different provinces and regions oversee different geographical areas. This link will take you to the website for the North America Province.

Working and praying alongside the Brothers are people in many walks of life. Click here for an introduction to the spirit that animates COMPANIONS INSPIRED BY THE CHARISM OF EDMUND.

The Christian Brothers Volunteer Program sponsored by the North American Province of the Congregation of Christian Brothers offers single men and women between the ages of 21 and 26 the opportunity: to grow as a person, to experience community living, to work with the marginalized in educational and social service ministries.

Volunteers commit themselves for one year to live in community with the Brothers and other volunteers during which time they become partners with the Brothers in community, mission and ministry.

Opportunities for both men and women are available in Bonita Springs, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana.

See web site: Volunteers


Br. James R. McDonald, CFC
4219 Constance Street
New Orleans LA 70115-7742
phone/ text: 1.815.272.7742


Brother Sean Whitty, CFC


Christian Brothers Volunteer Program

4219 Constance Street

New Orleans, LA 70115


The Associates of Edmund Rice, in union with the Christian Brothers, are inspired by the charism, the spirit and the legacy of Blessed Edmund Rice. They are women and men who strive to grow in their relationship with Jesus by living the Gospel message and a life devoted to prayer, justice, and charitable and educational works, especially with the poor and marginalized.


Brother Jerry McCarthy, CFC


21 Pryer Terrace

New Rochelle, NY 10804

(914) 636-6194 ext. 2


Brother John E. Dornbos, CFC



Or, on the west coast of North America:

Br. D. Dominic Murray
(831) 737 7914

Members of the Edmundians’ Society are men who devoted some portion of their lives as members of the Congregation of Christian Brothers, a religious order founded in 1802 by Blessed Edmund Rice in Ireland. Whether these men left as postulants, novices, temporary or finally professed, a bond remains. While each individual’s journey is unique, the time spent in the Brotherhood has been a major influence in one’s life. Since many Edmundians had retained friendships with Brothers and former Brothers a formal organization was formed. The Edmundian Society is a fellowship of men whose principal expressions are spiritual vitality, mutual support and social sharing. Our primary purpose is to better develop our spirituality in the vocation we are now pursuing. The common bond that was once our life has reunited us in collegiality and support. Through our sharing with loved ones and the Christian Brothers, we have a privileged opportunity to foster an awareness of God’s call by participating in generous response to this Society. We do this even as we engage in various vocations within the Christian Community.

Edmundians are members of the Edmund Rice Network. They carry on the charism of Blessed Edmund by participating in Edmundian events both physically and spiritually, contributing financially, if able, and supporting the Society and the Christian Brothers. Edmundians of North America reside in the United States and Canada and several international locales.


Mr. Robert M. Kman


1007 E. Becker LN.

Phoenix, AZ 85020


North America

Schools Worldwide


Students inspired by the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice through their earlier education in an Edmund Rice Network School, their participation in the ACTION program or an ERCB Mission Immersion Experience, come together on college and university campuses to share their commitment to prayer, community and service.

Formally or informally, in large or small groups, they encourage each other in promoting presence, compassion and liberation in the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice.


Br. James R. McDonald, CFC
4219 Constance Street
New Orleans LA 70115-7742
phone/ text: 1.815.272.7742

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