christ for card Br ChapmanArtist in residence at Iona College, New Rochelle, NY, Brother Ken Chapman brings to his canvases a lifetime of teaching, community leadership, spirituality, prayer, and deep sensitivity both to the joys and pains of those he has taught and served and to the splendors of the earth and cosmos.

He challenged generations of high school students to open themselves to the affective realms of feelings and imagination.  He delighted in the playful, the unique, the flight of fancy, the clash of colors, the explosion of light and shadow.

He spent several years on the Western Province’s missions to the Prima People (Native Americans) in Laveen, AZ , awakening children to the rich tribal art forms of their ancestors, cultivating skills in the making and decoration of jewelry, allowing the art and inspiration of his students to take root in his own work.

Brother Kenneth Chapman seems to locate the real margins at the edge of human creativity.  There in the tension between thoughts and feelings, holding on and letting go, opening to the possible, cherishing the eternal, a child, grown adult, opens anew to the movement of the Spirit.