Many are called, but few are chosen.

Those words from Matthew may encapsulate your feelings about life as a vowed religious.

You may be asking yourself, “Am I called? Was I chosen?”

As Edmund Rice Christian Brothers we are here to walk with you as you contemplate those questions.

A Christian Brother is Christ in action.

A Christian Brother is a follower of Christ in the way of Blessed Edmund Rice, the founder of the Brothers.

What is a Christian Brother? As Christian Brothers we spend our lives contemplating that question, while at the same time we are answering it.

To begin to understand being Brother to the world, explore our website, sign our guestbook, ask us questions, consider visiting with us.

In God’s peace,

Jim McDonald signature no black

Brother Jim McDonald, CFC

P.S. Intrigued by the life and work of the Christian Brothers? If you would like to experience for yourself what life as a Brother is like, we’d be pleased to arrange for you to visit. You could spend a day or so alongside a Brother as he performs his ministries and partake in community. We feel that getting a taste of what we call the Congregation’s “spirit” is the best way to help you discern if your call is to the Christian Brothers.

4219 Constance Street
New Orleans LA 70115-7742
phone/ text: 1.815.272.7742